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Deadly Little Secret

Secret McQueen 11

After a rescue mission in South America resulted in Secret McQueen accidentally becoming a werewolf again, she is forced to navigate the New York City supernatural world in a way she never has before. She's been a vampire/werewolf hybrid. She's been a human. Now she's something both brand new and totally familiar.

As she adjusts to what her change means for her husband Desmond and the pack, a rogue group of wolves is on the rise, and their leader is hell-bent on making a move on the throne. To make matters worse, he wants Secret's death to kick-start the revolution.

While she deals with werewolf drama in one hand, marriage counseling with two husbands in the other, she's going to need to learn to juggle, because Holden and the vampire Tribunal need her help as well. It seems Calliope, the immortal innkeeper to baby vampires of the East Coast, has vanished without a trace, and Secret will need to dip her toe back into fairy politics and promises if she's going to solve that otherworldly mystery.

And she thought moving back to New York would make her life easier.

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