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One Last Secret

Secret McQueen 12

After years of bitter enemies, moving love stories, and enough broken bones to fund a hospital wing, Secret McQueen is taking her final stand.

While Secret and her new FBI unit are on the trail of a serial killer stalking the streets of St. Louis, they quickly realize this is no ordinary killer. A chance encounter with death itself will put Secret in peril unlike she has ever known. With the fate of every supernatural being hanging in the balance, it is an internal struggle that will decide who lives and who dies, as Secret must revisit the biggest decisions and mistakes of her life and decide if she had chosen the right path, or if she will change the past--and the future.

Will her decisions save her people, or will one wrong move change everything about her carefully constructed life?

And will she come out the same at the other end, or forfeit herself to save those whose lives were lost along the way?

The epic conclusion to the Secret McQueen series will decide our heroine's fate.

Audio Coming soon

Audio coming soon
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