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Cabin Fever


Things can’t get much worse for Dylan Powell. She just lost her sure-bet promotion to her boyfriend, and then lost her boyfriend when she found out he’d been hiding an engagement the whole time they were together. Now her ex is her boss, and she needs to get away ASAP to clear her head.

Enter her little brother Zach with the perfect escape: he and his business partner need her help promoting their new resort. When Dylan arrives at the resort, it’s clear the place needs a lot of help, and it’s equally clear that Zach’s partner and best friend, Mal, isn’t interested in anything Dylan tries to suggest. As the pair butt heads and fix up the resort, they find themselves learning not only to respect each other, but that there are clear sparks flying between them.

Can the pair build something beautiful together, or will their carefully constructed walls come crumbling down?

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