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Blood in the Bayou

Genie McQueen 4

Falling in love was the easy part. Keeping her love will be a lot harder.

Genie McQueen never expected to fall for Wilder Shaw. He was brash, unpolished, and came from a family of werewolves whose worldview left a lot to be desired. But from the first moment he called her "Princess," something started to grow, and it wasn't long before their bond was unshakable. Or so Genie thought.

When Wilder is called back to his surrogate family in Shreveport, he can't say no. He was brought up to become the next Alpha of the city, and the time has come for him to take his place. But Genie isn't ready or willing to give up on their romance so easily. 

Upon arriving in Shreveport, she begins to realize that something isn't right. The local Alpha, Paul, has come under the sway of a witch named Junipero, who has connections to someone in Genie's life. With Paul being manipulated and Wilder's life in danger, Genie will need to learn what the witch wants and prove if she has it in herself to be the future Queen of the southern werewolf packs.

With no one but Wilder on her side, she'll need to use every bit of her power to save her love and her life.

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