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Books for the Military

To this day one of the greatest letters I’ve ever received was from a gentleman in the military stationed on active duty in the Middle East. He told me reading my books helped distract him from what was going on around him, and I can’t properly express how much that impacted me.

I’m not sure if there’s a process for donating e-books, but if you or someone you know is serving in the military (army, navy, air force, anything), please shoot me an email. I would love to send free books to anyone who needs the distraction. Or if you … Read the rest »

Have you seen the new cover?



Work by the ever amazing Kanaxa. So sad this is the last time I’ll see the beautiful Morgan Miller on one of my covers. πŸ™… Read the rest »

The Auction

Final Update!

Congrats to my winners: Natasha, Marcela and Jo-Anne! I’m thrilled to announce we’ve raised $275 for the Graffiti Gallery!

Winners, I’ll be in touch!

Today is December 6th, and as some eagle-eyed readers might know, that’s Secret McQueen’s birthday!

As a fun way to celebrate, I wanted to have an auction to raise money for a local charity I feel really strongly about. The Graffiti Gallery is an awesome group in Winnipeg who provide a safe environment for kids in high risk neighbourhoods. They promote the arts, and their presence in these tough areas has actually had a … Read the rest »

The Real Secret McQueen – Cover Model Interview

As most fans of series fiction know, you need to have a consistent model on your front covers to give the books a unified image and to give readers a great first glimpse at their main character. As an author, you have spent so much time creating your heroine (or hero) you really want to get your covers to represent them perfectly.

I have to say, I got so, so lucky with my Secret McQueen covers. Not only do I get to work with the insanely talented Kanaxa (Kanaxa’s Website) but they also found a phenomenal model to … Read the rest »

I Like Romance… And That Doesn’t Make Me Stupid

Yesterday Twitter exploded when an intern posted a dismissive article about why the prose in romance novels could never manage to equal that in “real” literature, by comparing Nora Roberts to Vladimir Nabokov.

Let’s ignore for a moment that this argument compels us to believe that a beautifully written book about PEDOPHILIA is superior to a romance novel about consenting adults. After all, the intern wasn’t arguing about content, were they? No no, they were arguing about PROSE. And what romance author could ever hope to have as complete a command on the English language as a Russian man?

Let’s … Read the rest »

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