Big Summer Sizzle Contest

Congrats to our winners!

We’ll be in touch with prize details!

Welcome to the sizzling summer contest with Sierra Dean, Crystal Jordan, JL Merrow and Shelli Stevens! Samhain Publishing is releasing four sizzling releases and we the authors of those books want to celebrate with a contest! Happy reading 😀

How to enter. You must find the answers to the following questions (use hyper links above to each author’s site!) and email Shelli the answers at . The prizes are certificates for $10 to either Samhain, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Winner gets to choose. We’ll draw four winners.

The contest starts now and ends Tuesday at 8pm PST. The winners will be posted on our blogs and notified through email.

Here are the questions:

1. In Sierra’s book The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters, what is the name of Secret’s liaison with the vampire council?

2. In Crystal’s book Make Me Believe, what’s the heroine’s nickname for the town busybody?

3. In Shelli’s book Seducing Allie, what is Clint’s nickname for Allie?

4. In JL’s book, what is Larry Morton’s job at Cambridge?

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A Bloody Good Secret Release Date & Pre-Order

It’s official! I can now announce the exact release date of A Bloody Good Secret (Secret McQueen Book 2), and it is…. September 20, 2011!

The book is already available for pre-order on several sites, so you can get yours here: /
Nook / iTunes / Kobo

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My Poor Brain

I have a confession to make.

For the last two years, I have done nothing but write the Secret McQueen books. That should be pretty obvious based on the number of Secret releases out this year (a whopping four!). Fans of the series will be delighted to know I’m hard at work on book three (Deep Dark Secret) which has a VERY tentative Spring 2012 release date.

But I’m an idea machine. I have about 4 ideas for series unrelated to the Secretverse, as well as a spin-off idea based in the Secret world when Secret’s arc is finished in several years. I’m plotting everything from a YA quadrilogy, to a steampunk series, to another UF heroine I think you guys are going to LOVE.

So when I found out Samhain was doing an open-submission call for Superhero novellas, I knew it was time to try something new. June was my designated “break” month from writing Deep Dark Secret. (yes, I gave myself exactly one month to write/edit a 25,000 word novella). Currently I’m in the final phases of writing said novella, and it has been a real trial. See, for two years I’ve been working with a set cast of characters I know EVERYTHING about, writing an arc that I have planned out for several books. Writing Secret is like breathing, it comes that naturally.

The characters in this novella are so different, writing this novella has been one hell of a challenge. Even if it doesn’t end up making the cut for the superhero anthology (and it may not, it’s a real character piece and it’s quite dark) I’m glad I took the month to write it. It has given me a chance to explore the world outside my comfort zone, and has made me look forward to trying more new things in the future.

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A Bloody Good Secret Cover Art Reveal

Got the final version of the cover for book 2 and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I get giddy looking at it. As always, all the credit belongs to the lovely Kanaxa

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Secret Guide Contest

From now until the end of May I’ll be running a contest for everyone. Show me the book and you’ll be entered to win an advanced copy of the prequel novella The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters!

The contest is pretty simple…

1.) Pull up an image of my cover. (if you bought the book, awesome, you have one easily accessible! otherwise you can find one in most online book stores or even on this page))
2.) Take a picture of you with the book (if you don’t want to show your face, that’s cool, but part of you needs to be in it somewhere…. also, don’t take that instruction in a suggestive manner. Please.)
3.) Post said picture online using Twitpic, Plixi, Yfrog, or any online photo sharing service. If you share it on Twitter use the tag #secretguidecontest (you can email said photo to me if you don’t have Twitter)

That’s it! I’ll be accepting entries until May 31st!

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