Keeping Secret – Cover Art Reveal

It’s been approved! And I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that Kanaxa’s brilliant cover for Keeping Secret is easily my favorite in the whole series.

Given that it’s also insanely spoilerific, click this link at your own risk:
Keeping Secret Cover

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New Merch!

I’ve been letting the merch store sort of get dusty the last few months, but today inspiration struck and I added a bunch of new mini-buttons. I’m too daft to make an actual CafePress store for them, so I make $0 on the buttons, but that also means no mark-up for you 🙂

Bonus: if I see these buttons in the wild (like at either of my RT signings in April), there will be prizes.

New Merch

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Something Secret Giveaway & Deep Dark Secret for $3.85

Fun news!

My publishers at Samhain are giving away FIVE paperback copies of Something Secret This Way Comes via Goodreads:
Enter to Win

And Deep Dark Secret is available at a 30% discount for pre-order through Samhain’s store right now:
Deep Dark Secret Pre-Order

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Something Secret for FREE

Yup, you read that right! Something Secret This Way Comes, book 1 in the Secret McQueen series is now available for FREE for a very limited time.

Get it at:
Barnes & Noble NOOK
Amazon UK

Go get yours and spread the word. Once you read it, post a review because it TOTALLY counts towards my freebie Kindle contest (see previous post). What a great chance to get entered to win.

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Review Contest

EDIT: extended to end of day April 4. ANY REVIEW ON ANY SITE will be accepted. I WILL give away either a Kindle/Nook or Kobo depending on winner’s choice.

I must say, it has been a very impressive year. This time last year I was slogging through edits on Something Secret this Way Comes. Now, it’s 2012, I have 4 releases out and I’m hard at work on Secret Book 4 (Keeping Secret).

But that doesn’t keep me from getting excited about things, and right now I’m MAJORLY excited about the upcoming print release of Something Secret. It’s out in paperback April 3, and to celebrate, I’m going to host a contest.

There are two potential prizes, and how awesome they are depends totally on you, because here’s the deal:

To enter the contest, just write a review. It doesn’t have to be a glowing, 5 star, “best book ever” review, either, just your honest thoughts on any of the books in the Secret series. Once you’ve written that review, post it on the book’s page on Amazon and share a link here. That’s it.

How about those prizes?

Prize 1: A signed copy of the Something Secret This Way Comes paperback (personalized, of course), and a $50 Samhain Publishing Gift Card.

This will be a prize regardless. BUT, if any of my books reaches 100 reviews, I will up the ante and add a second prize:

Prize 2: A Kindle.
Yup, you heard right. If I get 100 reviews on ANY Secret title, I will give a Kindle to one reviewer.

No purchase necessary. I don’t care how you read the book, if you bought it, borrowed it, read it covertly on a friend’s eReader. (just as long as you didn’t pirate it). This isn’t a contest about whether or not you paid for the book, only that you read it and took the time to write a review.

Contest Ends April 3.

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