What Men Say About 50 Shades

I was discussing the 50 Shades phenomenon with a male friend today, and he sent me a link to a GQ article on the subject. The article basically said women are using 50 Shades to create an environment where they can be a stand in for the Anna character, and this is simply the new version of the sitcom trope where pudgy men have hot wives: wish fulfillment.

I said this fit my theory of why Twilight was so popular. Teenage girls used the blank-slate character of Bella to project themselves into a story where a beautiful man could love a plain, awkward girl.

Kevin replied with:
“But to me it’s one of those wooden cut-outs at tourist spots where you can put your face in and have a picture taken. You’re supposed to look like a viking, or a moose, but you usually just end up looking like an asshole with his head in a piece of plywood.”

And that, my friends, is the greatest summary of 50 Shades as wish fulfillment that I have ever, EVER read.

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Read Along November – Something Secret This Way Comes

The second month of the read along has arrived and with it, a new book! The first book in the Secret McQueen series is an excellent place to start reading if you haven’t yet begun the series. As with last month, leave a note with your thoughts and you’ll be entered to win a Kindle on December 1!

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A Low Down Dirty Shane Cover Reveal

Cover by the wonderful Kanaxa. Love how badass this one is.

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Doing Some Good

Hi everyone… long time no post.

I’m currently deep into Grave Secret writing and promise you guys are going to love the book! (I hope. Don’t throw things!!)

Right now I’m also doing a bit of fundraising with my office for a local charity group that does amazing work to help those in need. Each participant has a pretty low goal (my personal goal is $100… but I REALLY want to exceed that). If you feel like throwing $5 towards my goal I will be incredibly grateful.

Donate Here

As a bonus… you get to see what my “Real” name is.

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VBC Auction for Cancer Research – Win a Character Name!

I’ve donated to the Vampire Book Club’s Cancer Research fundraiser. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your name in a Secret McQueen book, now is your chance. Go bid on having your name immortalized in Secret McQueen #5, as well as 2 signed paperbacks!

Bid Now!

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