The Real Secret McQueen – Cover Model Interview

As most fans of series fiction know, you need to have a consistent model on your front covers to give the books a unified image and to give readers a great first glimpse at their main character. As an author, you have spent so much time creating your heroine (or hero) you really want to get your covers to represent them perfectly.

I have to say, I got so, so lucky with my Secret McQueen covers. Not only do I get to work with the insanely talented Kanaxa (Kanaxa’s Website) but they also found a phenomenal model to represent Secret on the covers. Fans of Samhain’s romance titles will recognize model Morgan Miller from other titles by Lorelei James, Erin Nicholas and more, but she’s probably most recognizable as the model featured on every Secret McQueen cover.

With the sixth Secret book due out in a little over a week, I thought it might be fun to ask Morgan a few questions about her experience being a cover model, and how it feels to be Secret McQueen.

Sierra Dean: How much did you know about the series when you did the photoshoot for the books?

Morgan Miller: Prior to the photo shoot all I knew was that author Sierra Dean was coming out with a new series and they were looking for someone to act as the main character, Secret, for the cover of her books. They needed someone who could portray an “edgy, badass-type” while still being “pretty,” and luckily the photographer and art director thought of me!

SD: What was the strangest part of shooting for the covers? (The Santa hat? The wedding dress?) And what was the most fun?

MM: The strangest and most fun part of the entire shoot was holding all the weapons. That was my first time doing a photoshoot with props like guns and swords, but I loved it because it totally helped me get into the mindset of pretending like I could kick some butt!

SD: How many book covers have you been on? How cool was it to see yourself as a cover model for the first time?

MM: As of right now I have 13 book covers that I’m on! I did a romance-themed shoot a few months back so hopefully I’ll have some more covers to add to my list! But I’ll never forget the day I went into Barnes & Noble and saw myself on a COVER of an actual BOOK in a store that EVERYONE goes to! I think it’s awesome that I’ve been able to be a part of such a huge project. I think book covers will always be my favorite modelling opportunity that I’ve been given.

SD: What are you up to now?

MM: Now I am still working on my modelling career, doing photo shoots and promotional events as much as I can while continuing to work during the week as a preschool teacher.

SD: What would you do if someone recognized you as “Secret”?

MM: I would be so stoked if someone recognized me! I’ve had a few friends send me pictures of books they’ve found me on and it’s always super exciting!

SD: What would you LOVE to see on the final 2 covers of the series?

MM: Me of course! But honestly I love the element of surprise and I’m just as excited as every reader out there to see what’s next!

SD: Did you know there’s a character in the series named after you and the art director who did the shoot? (Morgan Scott, who debuted in Deep Dark Secret)

MM: Yes I learned this just recently! So cool!

I want to thank Morgan for taking the time to answer my questions. If you want to let her know how much you love her on the Secret Covers, leave a comment below.

Visit Morgan online at here website: Morgan Miller Online

And to see her in action on the next Secret Cover, order your copy of Secret Unleashed now!

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